The Working Girl's Guide to the Interview Look

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Photo Credit: Google Images /

Lord, don't we all hate interviews. It is really not the process of going or answering the questions it's the idea of WHAT TO WEAR. I mean let's face it, what you wear to an interview shows the employee a little of who you are. If you dress to blah for a Fashion interview, they may think you are not ready for the Fashion world. If you dress TOO MUCH, they may think you feel like the office is a ball. 

SIMP got you covered, here are some tips for what to wear, depending on the job at hand. When you get hired, make sure to let them know we helped !

The Fashion Corporate Look

Dressing for a Fashion Corp job can be a bit tricky, because you never know what you are walking into. The environment can be very causal if it's a magazine or fast retailer or very professional if it's luxury. This outfit fix it all. An oversized blazer & pump look is simple but still chic. This is also a very versatile and shows the employer that you know how to adapt. 

The Law Gal Look

For the lawyer gals, this is the look for you. Nothing demands more attention than a simple black dress paired with some pumps. This outfit means business. 

The Creative Look

For the creative types, this look is for the magazines, PR offices or anything that has a more relaxed culture. A pair of culottes always is a choice. The beauty about a culotte is the way it is positioned on your body but also how it can be simply completed with a turtleneck.