Ladies, Baby Phat Has Returned !

Photo Credit: Forever21

Photo Credit: Forever21

Baby Phat x Forever21

We all know how iconic the Baby Phat brand was in The early 2000s. You weren’t a IT Girl if you did not have a Baby Phat jacket or sweatsuit. With the recent emergence of the early 2000s trends, it was no surprise that Baby Phat would be relaunching the brand. This week, Forever21 announced the new Baby Phat release, with a 17 piece collaboration. The collection of logo tees to bike shorts all range from $14-$30. This is the first of the collections, this Fall another collection will be launched direct to consumer.

As much as I love the launching of this, choosing Forever21 as a backing is wrong. No one who knows the significance of the brand shops at Forever21. They should have directly did an direct to consumer situation or a pop-up shop series in targeted cities for the same price points.

Check out some of the looks:

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

THE NEW PAT McGrath Foundation

We first fell in love with Pat McGrath with her lipstick and lipgloss collection she is stepping her game up and after 6 years of product development, we have a foundation. What makes this collection so strong and interesting is because after her years working as a makeup artist we can only imagine how great this have to be for not only coverage but skincare in general. The Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfection Foundation comes in 36 shades, light to medium, $68.00 retail. In addition to the collection, she also have a primer/$60, setting powder/$55, foundation brush/$55 and powder brush/$58. Diversity in the beauty department is extremely important. My mom grew up in the 80s and told me how she had to mix numerous colors together to get her color, and she is medium/light.

We are glad to see the beauty industry expanding and servicing all needs for all woman.

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Archie The Royal Baby

This morning, the royal family shared a photo of the new royal baby Archie.

So adorable! We are in absolute awe!



Start the summer off right !