Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Twenties

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Being young is a gift for the skin and for the pockets. When you are young, you are aloud to make certain mistakes that are just that mistakes. As long as you have a road map anything is possible. Grab your notepad and jot these notes down, avoiding these mistakes will make life a bit more easier:

  • Forgetting Your Credit Cards Are Your Friends too

Credit Cards are extremely beneficial when done correctly. Good credit is extremely important especially for your life and one of the only ways you will get this is by making sure that you are paying these credit cards off. Also remember that credit cards are money and you should only spend what you can afford. Here’s what I do, every month, split your check into 4s: savings, credit card payments, travel savings and just incase. Put a significant amount of money on your credit cards so that they are paid up but remember you can also spend some of that too.

  • Recklelss Spening

When I figured out that the money I spent in the bar can be spent overseas, I turned my life around. Instead of spending the same amount of money every week at the bar, space it out and put some to your travel fund. Trust me traveling is wayyyy more fun! Also, before you have marriage and children responsibilities you should do everything possible to make sure you have experienced life to the fullest


When I got my first big girl salary, I promised myself that I would make sure that I actually saw it. Seeing it means actually doing something and not just buying a more expensive lunch. Allowing myself to spend only $100 a week allows myself to not only have space for a good breakfast and lunch but allows for me to save more money for things that actually matter.

  • Not Thinking about the Future

At the end of the day, we should always live in the moment. We can not change the future but we can always be prepared for it. Always remember that we are young and young means making mistakes that can be fixed. Even if you do not start savings or you run up all the debit on your credit cards, it is okay… dust yourself off and try again.