How to Self-Care from the Pros - Our Evening With Refinery29


After work Wednesday evening, I learned how to clean my life. Refinery29 ‘s Instagram editor, Laurise McMillian hosted “Spring Cleaning Panel”, a panel of entrepreneurs sharing tips on self-care and self-purpose. As your WG expert, here are three things I will incorporate into my life from the talk

Tiffany R. Moore , Intuitive Wellness Practitioner from HeelHaus

"The train can be overwhelming" 

As kids we were taught to go outside and play but when we became adults we forget this. Tiffany taught us that as an adult we need to go outside and play. This little moment can not only better your day but also better your life. Whether it is walking around the block for two minutes or coloring in a coloring book, take these minutes to relax and become one with yourself. This also helps with getting your creative juices following!

Ellie Burrows Gluck, CEO of MNDFL


I will be the first to say I do not know how to meditate. I sometimes feel like I can not turn my brain off. (I lied, I feel like this all the time) In order to fully live your best life you must reflect on what you are doing. Taking 15 minutes out of your work day to sit by yourself and reflect makes a huge difference. Also remember we are human, you do not have to be superwomen all the time ladies!

Elizabeth Walcott, Health & Wellness Entrepreneur, Platinum & Prime 

Don't wait until it's too late. The signs are always there. Your body is the biggest indicator of something being wrong so listen to it. If you are having constant headaches or always feeling down, re-evaluate your life girl and change it. Remember you are always in control of your destiny!