Bear the Child, Get Back to Business: The Working Girl Mom Part ||

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

The older I get, the more I appreciate what my mom did for me. A single mother in New York City, my mother provided everything and more. She gave me my wants and my dreams. The hardest working person in the world is a mom. This Mother’s Day we want to shine the light on these moms, The Working Girl Moms. The moms who’s job doesn’t end when she leaves the office. We asked these ladies what does being a Working Girl Mom mean to them what advice they would they give others

Check out these bomb-ass moms, kicking ass at work and kicking it harder at home!




CAREER: Tier II (Families with children shelter) Case Manager & MSW Candidate at Columbia University

Being a Working Girl and a mom is the best experience I have had thus far. When I hear the terms Working Girl and Mom I think about multitasking, time management, and motivation. Working, attending graduate school, and being a mother full-time is a commitment and a sacrifice. I’ve learned that you have to wear multiple hats as the work never ends. My daughter is my motivation to keep pushing when I feel like I want to give up. Though it is a lot of work I want my daughter to know that I worked hard to ensure she is set for life and I do all of this not only for myself but for her. I want to be the one she looks up to as a mom and a goal setter. I want my daughter to see that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. 

TIP: Make a “To Do List” ! As a working parent there is a lot on our plates and in order to make sure to remember what we have to do or goals that we want to achieve you just write it down and check it off when it is completed. Trust me it’s a great feeling. Most importantly practicing self care. You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of our child(ren). Lastly, let your child be your motivation to keep you pushing to be all you can be. 


Aiesha Letman

INSTAGRAM: @aieshaarab

CAREER: Entertainment News Writer

Being a Working Mother means everything to me. It’s also my “me” time, where I discover things I never knew about myself. Sharpening skills I didn’t know were in me. And it’s satisfying knowing the work I put in benefits my family in multiple ways. 

TIP: Cherish your small children and set time for yourself too. 


Rhea Skinner

Instagram: @rheaelisia

Career: chief curator | principal publicist @Agency1048

Being a business woman alone is enough to pour a cold glass of Moscato every night so juggling motherhood along with it is not easy. Being a mother is the single biggest accomplishment I could ever do. When I get down or the work gets too hard, I just look down at my son and know what it is all worth it. He’s my biggest fan !

TIP: I would advise any Working Mom out there to not forget to be gentle with yourself and take time time for yourself, even if it's an hour. You need this in order to have a work-life balance. Being a mom doesn’t mean your dreams stop, they mean they get bigger. The key to success, at least for me, is to try to ensure your passion aligns with your purpose, be teachable and to plan, plan plan and prepare as much as you possibly can