The Perfect Farewell: How To Give Your 2-Week Notice

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Ladies, it is that time of the year! That time when you turn around and tell your job to kiss your ass for not giving you a raise or promotion. As much as you want to flip them off, you can’t…seriously you can’t. It is extremely important to maintain professionalism when leaving a job. This is for a number of reasons but most important; EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE! While your employer did not see your potential another job will and you never want to burn bridges for a temporary feeling.

When you a exiting your job ladies, take these tips with you:

  • Statements of gratitudes

Yes, you hate this place but remember the better times. You didn’t always hate it and I am sure you learned at least one thing that you will take to the next steps of your career. When you are writing your 2- week notice letter make sure to thank your employer for the good times and the things you learned. You may not always mean it but sometimes you have to drink the kool-aid to later get the things you want.

  • Clearly State Your Reasoning but Keep it Brief

They already know why you are leaving so no need to really go into detail about the situation. In your letter, mention in ONE sentence why you have to move on. If you are leaving for more professional growth, say something like “I want to take the things I learned here and test my skills”. This is important because this helps your employer in the future with understanding what is lacking in the position. Whether they listen or not, this is to help the future ladies like you.

  • Make Sure to Clearly State Your End Date and things You Will Accomplish by Then

This is most important when working for a smaller company. Clearly state the projects you will accomplish before you leave. This seems like a small thing and you may want to say F.U but showing the efforts you are making prior to leaving the position in a professional way matters. Remember that once you leave these people are your recommendations, you will always need these things.

  • LEave the REsentment At hOme

We all love Beyonce’s song Resentment, but that doesn’t mean your letter should sing it. Words are always up for interpretation so make sure to have a few people read your letter to see how they interpret it. Again, I know you hate the place but you are out, don’t show the hate.