How I Saved $1.5K and Wore Designer Clothing Everyday #RTR


Working in fashion can be very stressful. Not only do you have to work really hard for little to no pay but you also must look good doing it. These entry level positions don't pay much so how can you be fashionable on $45K a year. Seriously impossible! This one is for my beginning Fashion girls working those corporate jobs!

Have no fear , SIMP is always here! I was introduced to Rent the Runway about 4 years ago. I rented a few dress for weddings here and there but that was it. Back in November my boss introduced me to the Rent the Runway subscription. This saved my life- thanks LG! For $180 a month I have unlimited access to designer pieces that EVERYONE on the train stops me to say looks great. Not only do I feel extremely confident but I'm literally saving so much money. Let's break this down....

Every check I would spend about $300 dollars on something new. No you do not need new things all the time but something new adds a bit more confidence and prep into your step. I was spending $300 on the fast fashion items that after 3 wears are sometimes in complete shreds or out of stock. Since purchasing the RTR subscription, I haven't been into a store to purchase I've saved about $1.5K. Still not impressed, I'm wearing all designer pieces. Everything is priced $500 and more. Even on my last vacation to Dominican Republic, I was able to rent pieces. This is more than just workwear this is my everyday life! Still not convinced…. MY LAUNDRY BILL HAS ALSO GONE DOWN! For the Working Girls, laundry is too time consuming and having someone else do it is so easy. Without #RTR, my laundry was about $80-$90 bucks a month.. with #RTR my laundry is $60 a month, including the sheets, blankets and towels!

If I haven't convinced you enough, check out some of my looks! I LOVE #RTR

How does it work? It is very simple, you have an unlimited option of 4 pieces. Wear one, return it, get another. I actually work very close to the official store so 9/10, I order and pick up in the morning, get dressed in the dressing room and head to work. SIMPLE! If you rent a piece you love you can keep it or just buy it for a discounted price.EASY!

We know you want this now, click here and join the #RTR fashion navy!