July Tarotscopes: Your Perfect Self Is Already Here

Leo- Ace of Cups RX | The Fountain RX

There's something you've invested time and energy into that doesn't seem to resonate with you anymore, in fact you may be feeling drained by it. Try not to be bitter that things didn't work out as planned, and instead be grateful that you now have awareness and a better understanding of why things had to happen as they did. Whether this is business related or having to do with a romantic partnership, you should never have to feel like the energy you've invested into things isn't being reciprocated.

Advice- If it isn't serving or supporting you, let it all go. You could be putting this energy into things that'll actually benefit you.

Aries- 2 of wands | 6 of wands

This month brings in major opportunities, make sure you are grounded in your head and heart for what the Universe is preparing to offer you . You're being asked to take action towards a new life style that generates momentum towards a bright future. You will be victorious if your mind is focused, and if you're intentional about how you spend your time this month. This is about truly harnessing your will power like you mean it for your best interest.

Advice - Pay attention to details, and be aware of any contracts you may have to sign this month. There is actually such thing as being overly confident, and this isn't the month for risky behavior.

Taurus- 10 of Coins | Page of Coins

This is a good month for you to explore what the true definition of abundance means to you. There's a child like energy in the air that'll have you experiencing things a bit differently, with joy and gratitude for the simple things. A few questions to ask yourself this month are "How can you build your legacy and empire off of the energy of joy? How does being in the moment and free with your whole being change the dynamic of what building a legacy entitles?" It's ok to use your imagination when it comes to how you will get there, things don't always have to be set in stone to work out. Embrace spontaneity this month, it'll keep you on your feet and you might even like it!

Advice - The road to your destination doesn't have to be filled with pressure headaches and stress. Embrace the beauty of seeing things with a brand new eye, that might be the missing link to building your kingdom in this lifetime or the next.

Gemini- 7 of Cups | The Lovers

The Universe is testing your resolve this month Gemini. The restless mind chatter has been a big reason why you haven't manifested as much as your heart desires. It's going to take centering yourself in order to differentiate the voice of reason and that of doubt. Listen to your intuition, the voice of reason, love and understanding. You'll realize that the longer you think about making a decision this month, the more you are truly disregarding what you know to be true. If you're overthinking it chances are you aren't feeling it. Tap in and ground yourself through meditating or taking a nature walk.

Advice - Follow your intuition. If the voices in your head are too loud, feel it through. Your ego can be so loud, but your gut never lies.

Cancer- 8 of Wands | The Hanged Man

This month will be all about you, and exploring the inner depths of your mind will manifest huge changes regarding your life style. How will using your voice to represent yourself make the difference you'd like to see? Tap into your emotional, authentic, creative, and sexy side this month and just go for it. What does it feel like to be unapologetically you? Run with this energy and go fast and forward with it, you'll learn so much about yourself if you stay open. Your heart wants to lead the way, follow it and you'll understand why honoring your truth is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

Advice- Your happiness, and authenticity is your priority this month. Embrace your inner truth, and don't be afraid to get deep!

Virgo- The Hermit | The Devil

Virgo it looks like you've got a serious situation on your hands this month that have to do with fears, manipulation, and someone from the past doing the most. It's important that you keep your head high this month, and create strong boundaries around yourself. You'll be experiencing some deep and intense emotions, that'll take you on a journey within to do some soul searching. It seems that who ever this person is has done enough emotional damage to trigger you to go within to find guidance or answers. Be very aware, who ever this person is, is not to be trusted. You know this though!

Advice-  The best advice I could give you is to completely cut this person out. They've shown you their true colors, and this month they'll be using a new trick on you thinking you won't catch on. The tricks are always different, yet the pattern is all the same. BEWARE!

Libra-4 of coins RX | 6 of Coins

As far as your finances are concerned I see you're starting to get up there on the status wheel! Lesson 1 is identifying the issue, Lesson 2 is on implementing new tactic to generate better results. It seems like you've really learned some lessons on how to manage your finances and make them grow with different sources of income. Your patience has paid off, and you'll soon start to see the $$$ trickle in bit by bit. This is great news, and a chance to redeem yourself. I know your financial situation has kept you isolated but not this month! Financial freedom is right here for you.

Advice- Don't go crazy Libra! I know you like pretty things but focus on stability, and building consistency. Do you really need to buy that?

Scorpio- 8 of Cups | 3 of Cups RX

You are walking away from heartbreak and everything that comes with it. You have stood up for yourself and believe in your self worth enough to remove what isn't serving your highest good. That also means releasing the baggage that came with those learning curves of life, especially in matters of the heart. The baggage you've held onto has kept you feeling jaded and misunderstood for a very long time, and has blocked your light from reaching the world. You are not alone on this journey and every day is a new opportunity to start over. This is your clean slate for the emotional do over!

Advice- Carrying the load of projection is heavy, love yourself and drop it. You are not a victim to your circumstances, you have the power to change your life the moment you are ready to receive more.

Sagittarius- 5 of Sword | The Moon RX

Be aware of how you're coming off this month, and especially to whom. You may be great at a lot of things you do, but make sure you aren't stepping on anyone's toes to make it to the top. It's important that you are self aware because you may be coming off righteous and arrogant without realizing it. If you feel like you've been doing too much its because you probably have, be careful not to let your sharp tongue take the lead without checking yourself first. It's important to keep the peace, especially when there is a lot you don't know about the situation.

Advice- No unsolicited opinions, or talking under your breath. Lay low this month, and be as self aware as possible so you don't get in trouble or hurt anyone's feelings.

Capricorn- 4 of Cups | The Sun

The moment you decide life is good is when you'll realize it actually is! The Universe has been trying to get your attention for the longest with little to no success. Your feelings restless, and bored this month and may have a bit of FOMO creeping up on you here and there. The key to happiness, and fulfillment is that it is to be created not expected. Think of ways to bring excitement and joy into your life again. Go out and enjoy the sun, don't sit and ruminate ,step outside of your comfort zone and experience!

Advice- Be careful not to put all your eggs in a basket or you'll end up feeling disappointed..

Aquarius- 9 of Swords | Ace of Wands

Your fears may have gotten the best of you before, but not this month. You're taking the magicians wand into your hand, and changing your destiny. I feel like you are all closing out an old karmic cycle that may bring up some childhood wounds of unworthiness, and abandonment. You have all the power, and conviction within to manifest a New Destiny that feels right for you. Do not worry, what is for you no one can take away.

Advice- Be discerning and aware of who is in your space this month and the triggers that may come up. Create the healthy boundaries necessary that will help you keep you feeling safe in your sacred space.

Pisces- The Moon RX | Son of Coins

You missed a huge opportunity this month because you took for granted the value of it was when it was in your hands. Even though some regrets may come up for you this month, it's important to focus on what its going to take for you to get out of this funk you're in. Unless you're willing to do the soul work to find out what made you choose the way of being that would dismiss what is mean to be cherished. Self sabotage is an unconscious defense mechanism.

Advice-  July is serving karma HOT! Think about what's coming up for you this month, and what gets to change so you align with the things you desire.

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