June Tarotscopes: Your Official Guide to Summer

Aries- Page of Cups/ Death

This month you'll be experiencing a new start, am emotional rebirth that is allowing you to rediscover who you are. It will take leaving old ways behind and committing to the things you want long terms whether its inner joy or fulfilling relationships.  I feel the Universe is pushing you to get out of your comfort zone and take a look at all the things in your life you've swept under the rug. Acknowledge your heart's desire and feel the innocence of the inner child.

Advice - Do not resists the falling of what no longer resonates with your spirit. Welcome this new beginning with a wide heart, and grounded compassion.

Taurus- 9 of Wands/ King of Cups

You're willing to fight for what you believe in, and are really going hard to reach your goals this month. Ground yourself in your convictions because your hard work and dedication is seriously about to pay off. Thank yourself for not being swayed by the adversity you've encountered to get there. What matters is that you'll make it, and baby you're almost there!

Advice - Don't let ANYONE get in your way, you are worthy of this

Gemini- King of Coins/ 5 of Swords

You've created the financial stability or have come up with an amazing business model that will be a success! Now is a good time to start that project, it's the opportunity that will bring in enough cash flow to move forward onto bigger and better things. I also see

Advice - If you’re struggling financially comes up with a plan that will create stability and security for the future.

Cancer- 6 of Coins/ 9 of Coins

There is someone who wants to come in with an offer of love and reconciliation. It’s been a long time coming, and trust me they’re doing whatever it takes to get to you even if you aren’t aware. Hold them high, they know your deserving of love and an apology give them the space to do so.

Advice- You know what you deserve, stay open to receiving it without attachment to when it’ll happen.

Leo- 10 of Wands/ The High Priestess

You don’t have to work so hard Leo, let your intuition guide you this month. There will be some secrets that will be revealed to you surrounding work and why you haven’t grown and advanced the way you’ve wanted to. You’ll decide what is best for you once the truth is shown.

Advice- Trust your gut with this one, my advice is to hit these people with the deuce and call it a day. Your time here is over with.

Virgo- 5 of Cups/ 6 of Pentacles

If you want to bring balance into your life and future, you’ll have to stop looking at the past and everything else that didn’t work. You’re missing out on what is possible for the future, if you focus on what’s been lost and not the internal pattern that has allowed this to manifest.

Advice-  Work on boundaries, and any inner child wounds that show up as a lack of self worth.

Libra-8 of Wands/ 5 of Wands

You’re about to be skyrocketed forward into your projects, like fast fast. Don’t be surprised if people show up to distract, confuse and block you from reaching your blessings. Stay focused on the BIG end goal because that’s where you’re headed.

Advice- Leave the trivial things for next month, or another time when you don’t have so much going for you. Don’t mess this up, this month its about focusing on that big thing you’ve been working diligently on manifesting.

Scorpio- King of Cups/ 2 of Cups

Keep being true to you Scorpio, your authenticity is attracting your soul tribe. This month you’re committed to what nurtures you and that includes your community and those you hold dear. People are gravitated towards your fluid energy this month, if you stay open you’ll see there's a lot to learn about yourself when you're surrounded by your mirrors.

Advice- Indulge in your energy, share it, let that force rise. Don’t you dare try to tame it.

Sagittarius- 2 of Cups/ 2of Coins

This month you finally start to feel the scale start to balance out around your career and relationship. You’ve done the work, and it’s been dirty. Now take all the time you need to revisit what made this relationship so important and put in the effort. 

Advice- Focus on love, and the things that make you happy.

Capricorn- Ace of pentacles/ 6 of Wands

A new tangible beginning is about to happen. An opportunity for an advancement or a new job is here and you’ve got the perfect skills for the job. Take  a step out of your comfort zone, and feel your potential. This opportunity will show you how capable you are.. 

Advice- You are worthy of receiving.

Aquarius- Queen of pentacles/2 of wands

Wow y’all are really showing up for yourselves! You are manifesting what your heart truly desires now that you’ve chosen to put yourself first. No one will get in your way now that you know the feeling of being on your path. Manifest destiny.

Advice- Listen to your higher voice and not the ego 

Pisces- 8 of Swords RX / Ace of Swords

It takes one second of clarity to illuminate the darkness, and it seems like you will be coming out of a funk now that you are seeing things clearer. You’re realizing you aren’t a victim of your circumstances and that you felt stuck because you weren’t seeing the possibilities within a situation. You can make powerful decisions this month if you are grounded in your purpose.

Advice-  Don’t think too hard about the action you have to take, feel it.

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