May Tarotscopes: The Spring Cleaning Edition

Aries- 10 of Cups/ The Emperor

This is the month where you finally feel you made it! Happiness is flowing, and your hearts joy is radiating the abundance you feel. You've found your place on your throne, now that you've conquered your demons. Its true, you are no match for adversity, it fuels you and theres nothing like a challenge to the savagery of an Aries. Your root chakra is on point this month, making you feel extra grounded so you do the inner work. Now that you've made it to the top. who are you bringing with you? Don't forget to share this happiness and fulfillment with the people that supported you on this journey. 

Advice - Remember to stay humble, and presence gratitude for those who have helped and honor you for your greatness. You wouldn't have gotten here without their support.

Taurus- 9 of Pentacles/ 4 of Pentacles Rx

You're really growing and grounding into yourself this month. Financial growth is on the rise because of a change in perspective you might experience. You are the abundance you seek, material possessions don't go with you when its time to leave Earth. Consider how you can leave a legacy that'll out last you, and be here for the generations to come. Release any feelings of scarcity, and any emotions that keep you feeling unworthy of your blessings. 

Advice - You've got the power to make this life as fruitful as you want it to be. Unlock your potential to the abundance you hold within.

Gemini- 8 of Cups/ The Moon

What are the things you've decided to release from your life? Who are you walking away from now that you've chosen yourself. You're in a state of true inner awareness that may come with making difficult decisions, but don't fret this is the Universe giving you the opportunity to empower yourself. Trust your intuition, and the intuitive pulls of the soul. There are messages that are resonating with your spirit, don't let your ego and the fear of the unknown let them go over your head.  

Advice - Trust your emotions. This is a brand new path you're embarking, your soul is your compass.

Cancer- The Emperor/ Page of Wands

Wear your spiritual and emotional power like a badge. Your intuitive abilities, and your power to be able to connect with people on another level give you an advantage on life. As humans, we crave emotional connection and you know exactly how to meet people where they are. There will be some who will reach out to you for advice, and or for healing if thats what you do for a living. This will benefit both parties, and will bring in change to your life as well as theirs. They will feel a sense of release and reinvigorated passion and you will feel fulfilled and proud of yourself. 

Advice- Your empathy isn't a weakness, its your power.

Leo- The World/ Knight of Cups

Cycles are changing Leo you better be ready for this brand new life you're embarking on! before you get ahead of yourself and jump right in you'll be asked to do a bit of soul searching. Ground yourself into the duality of life, and the ebb and flow of your emotions. Accept the parts of you that aren't the prettiest and amplify what is. You've got so much to offer the world and its great to do a quick check in with yourself just be sure not to dwell on anything that comes up. Experience your experience but don't try to overanalyze what comes up.

Advice- The Universe wants you to see what has worked, and what hasn't. What lessons need to be learned before this rebirth?

Virgo- The Moon/ 6 of Coins

Virgo, this month you're healing generational trauma, and family wounds. It doesn't sound pretty but boy will you be so happy you got deep and dirty this month. I see apologies being said, forgiving words being spoken, true heart awakenings within family dynamics and a shift of the stories you've told yourself since you were a child.  You are not your past, and you aren't a victim to your circumstances. The tables are turning this month bringing in healing and balance.

Advice-  Focus on intention, no matter what.

Libra- 8 of Swords/ The Lovers

You may be feeling like your'e stuck between a wall and a hard place this month and thats because you aren't being driven to make choices. This month you settle into yourself and come to an inner-standing of who you are. There will be a situation that'll arise because you've chosen inner union, to heal, to be true, and to honor yourself completely. The heavy emotions you may feel this month will arise every time you try to people please, when you choose yourself you choose happiness and show the world how much you matter to yourself. .

Advice- Stand strong in your convictions, when you stop explaining yourself people will finally stop questioning.

Scorpio- Ace of Swords/ 10 of Coins

Your mind is as sharp as a knife right now and you are able to easily cut through the mental static . You're clearly seeing what gets to be implemented in order to build your legacy. What is working for you right now? Follow your intuition and make sure your mind and your heart are an energetic match for the things you say you want. Success isn't built overnight, take a look at what is missing in the gaps thats going to make your dream a reality. This month you'll have your epiphany that turns out to be the bridge that will lead you to greatness

Advice- Stay focused on your goals like tunnel vision

Sagittarius- Page of Coins/ 6 of Coins

This month you're getting a taste of  true financial freedoms. You're bringing in some serious equilibrium into your life, and you're starting to see things from a different perspective. Stay open to huge opportunities because your horizon is expanding massively. The universe flipped the switch on you when you least expected it, and this is teaching you patience and most importantly to trust. Your karma is being paid for, so lose control because those blessings are coming in.  

Advice- Welcome to the good life!

Capricorn- Ace of Swords/ 7 of wands

Cap, you better hold your ground this month. I'm seeing many of you really start to speak your truth with a no bullshit attitude and rightfully so. You've held in how you really feel for the sake of keeping the peace but its come at a hefty price.This month its all about mental clarity and spoken truths even if it means starting a war. Your mental health is important, and you wont lower your standards for anyone anymore. 

Advice- Fact is fact, ignorance loves company but thats not your crowd.

Aquarius- Wheel of fortune / Page of Swords

FINALLY! The shift you've been waiting for is here and ready to serve your highest good. You've asked the Universe for signs and this month you're getting the biggest one yet.,  pay attention to your dreams and how easily things are falling into place in the physical reality. There is no reason to be on the defense, so try not to self sabotage thinking the world is out to get you. what has the past taught you about yourself, what are you stepping into in this moment, and what do you see for yourself in the future? The Universe is trying to get you to see something deep within yourself. Through the adversity all you've ever been is courageous and loyal.

Advice- Make sure you've got some tissues on you, i see tears of joy and throat chakra flow. Release emotional insecurities, this is a brand new life.

Pisces- 7 of Cups/ King of Wands Rx

You're in your head a lot this month trying to find the answers that will come when you take action. Your fear is keeping you at a stand still and ruminating over what comes next wont make the difference. This month you're called to bring the life force out from deep within the gut to inspire you and harness your personal power to get shit done! Be a visionary, and follow through. Trust yourself, and try not to think to much about how things will come to fruition. Your lesson here is about declaring without evidence and still knowing youve got it in you to make it all possible.

Advice-  If what you're stepping into is brand new and you feel like a rookie, don't judge yourself. There is always a first time for everything. 

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