The Working Girl: Tips For Handling Stress At Work

Work can help keep your mind off of everyday life problems and stress. However, what do you do when your job comes with its own stress load? Now I love my job but there are days when I want to pull a "Waiting to Exhale" moment and burn the place down! So here's a quick guide to handling workday stress from one stressed out working girl to another!

1. Get There Early!- I know it sounds crazy who doesn't like their extra 5 minutes of sleep before YOU REALLY have to get up. But trust me getting there before everyone else does is a huge stress reliever. I don't know about you, but I strongly dislike being bombarded with a million things at once. Especially, before I can get my mind right for the day ahead. Getting to the office early you’ll have the peace and quiet to plan your day and get any work done left over from the day before. And before you know it you're already little ahead of the game by the time your coworkers start strolling in!


2. Put Away Your Phone!- Eliminate all distractions, nothing makes me want to pull my hair out when my personal phone is going off and I'm hard at work; and if you have a work cell like me its double the stress. Put it on Do Not Disturb or simply bury it at the bottom of your bag, you can explain to your group chat later that you were booked and busy and couldn't talk! Nothing makes me more stressed out trying to work and keep tabs on all my text messages throughout the day. Also putting your phone away eliminates the possibility of getting sidetracked for another 10 minutes scrolling on the Shade room or cyberstalking.

3. Talk it out!- Nothing helps relieve my work stress than talking it out with my coworkers or a friend who understands the demands of work life. Putting words around what is making you stressed out or frustrated helps put your thoughts in order and better understand why you are feeling, what your feeling. And when confiding in your friends or coworkers especially you might get help with some of the tasks that have you overwhelmed.


4. Make A List!-Is this a priority? no okay, it can wait! Place everything in numbers of priority. It's as simple as 1,2,3 you know what needs to be done and when it's needed by, so don't stress yourself about stuff that's number 10 on your list when you haven't finished number one.

5. And Finally, Take A Step Away!- Go to the bathroom, go get something to drink or snack on as long as it's away from your workspace and it gives you a second to relax and destress. Getting worked up and overwhelmed is only going to slow your work process down, by just walking away and taking a second to yourself your allowing time to just unwind and once again put everything into perspective.