The Working Girl's Guide to Valentines Day: DO'S & DON'TS For Valentine's Day at Work

Photo Credi: Google Images

Photo Credi: Google Images

Ladies ( and gents) the big day is approaching, the day that most of us have been waiting for or, for better or not dreading, VALENTINES DAY. Whether you're planning a hot date with your boo, having a Galentine’s day with your girlfriends or just flat out avoiding the day all together. There's one thing you must remember this V-day; it falls on a weekday!! So here is the Working Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day in the workplace that will keep you out of human resources while still enjoying the day.


  • Do bring in yummy Valentine's day treats for the whole office to share; in my workplace, we enjoy every and any reason to eat goodies all day and avoid our work responsibilities for a few minutes throughout the day. By bringing in treats for everyone you avoid the possibility of singling anyone out. And even your cynical co-worker who loves to go on and on about how Valentine's day is just a hallmark card holiday won't be able to resist the heart-shaped treats you bring in to share.

  • Do invite coworkers out for lunch to enjoy the Valentine day lunch specials. Honestly, who said Valentine's day was just for the lovers; invite your work best friends out for a group lunching and enjoy a few hours away from the workplace with good food (save the drinks for after you clock out lol).

  • Do decorate your desk. Yes, this one is for my lovers of everything love on Valentine's Day. Now, I'm not recommending you be that employee who goes out and buys every tacky thing CVS has to offer in their Valentine's Day isle, but buying some beautiful flowers for your desk is a nice touch to make your Valentine's day a little prettier.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images


  • Don't confess your secret love to your work crush or work wife/husband; I repeat Do NOT! Yes, we're all humans and form crushes but the workplace on Valentine's day is just not the place or time. Leave the card with your love confession at home this year, trust you just might be saving yourself from future awkwardness in the workplace.

  • Don't be bitter! Nobody likes a bitter Betty; we understand this year just wasn't your year, we've all been there. But it doesn't mean you have to make the day less fun for the people who actually enjoy the day. It's much easier to pretend it's just a regular day than to give the same old speech; Valentine's day is just another commercial holiday blah blah blah!

  • Don't dress inappropriately, since this year's Valentine's Day falls on a weekday those of you who have a date after work need to choose our outfits wisely. Save yourself a trip to HR by making sure your outfit can transform from day to night.