#TheWorkingGirl 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself Every Morning

Good Morning Ladies! It is Women’s Month! It can be hard sometimes to be a women especially when working in this crazy world. Whether you are flipping fries or flipping the keys on the keyboard, you matter and you are special. No matter your career path, remember that your opinion always matter.

When you wake up in the morning, remember these tips to get you going to conquer the world!

Action Plan for the Day

I know you create to-do list for work but creating a to-list for what is needed. On Sunday, sit down for a few minutes and joint down on a post it the things you want for the week or the goals you need to accomplish. Deadlines matter also so give the days you should have this completed to hold yourself accountable

have a healthy breakfast

I am not a breakfast eater but what I am learning is that breakfast is really important. Instead of a huge breakfast, try a green smoothie or juice to start your day. Make sure to get smoothies with a little bit of Cayenne Pepper or Ginger to give it a little kick

Inspirational Thoughts or Prayers

You do not have to be religious to start your day with a little inspiration. Whether you are starting your day with a motivational podcast or you are saging your space to make room for the positive energy, this is a great way to start your day.

Cleaning your Space

What I really learned is that a clean space makes way for a clean mind. Whether it is cleaning your room or making your bed, this makes way to close one chapter and open another. Also, when you get off from work coming home to a clean space is great; one less thing to think about.

Dress to Impress

They always say dress for the position that you want, this is half true. We are not saying always get dressed up but dress to put yourself together, it matters. Putting yourself together in the morning helps with getting your mind right and really feeling yourself. Try it out!