Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas for the Working Girl In You

Valentine’s Day can be a bit tricky. The days of candy boxes in school are over and you now have to consider doing things for bae. What the hell are you supposed to do? The Twitter joke is if you are dealing with a real one, Valentine’s Day is everyday but in all honesty, no one has time for that!

For the last minute Valentine’s Day planner, this is for you. We partner with, to give you some last minute date ideas to help make that person in your life feel that much better.



  • Chocolate

Unless your Valentine is an avid chocolate candy lover, please, I beg you, stay away from boxed chocolate. It's unoriginal and requires very little thought. Instead, go for gourmet cookies, brownies, or one of those cookie cakes. These are good alternatives for a Valentine's Day staple. This would also be a good opportunity to make your own baked goods and wrap it with love and care, using tools from your local craft store.


  • Time Piece

A good watch or a Fitbit are very practical gifts. They're safe but useful. Don't overthink it and end up buying something that won't see the light of day after February 14th.

  • Care Package

A care package is your chance to get crafty, and if the budget is tight, it's a way to be resourceful. Care packages are special because they're tailor made to showcase your creativity and the different ways you "get" your Valentine. Grab a box, decorate it with wrapping paper and fill it up with everything from their favorite brand of socks to their favorite snacks. Be sure to add love notes. This is sure to be the best gift bae has ever gotten.


Whether flowers, edible arrangement or lunch, sending a special delivery to your Valentine at work or home is always a hit. It's a subtle way to show that they matter and they're on your mind, even in their absence.

Bonus: add a note, maybe an inside joke or a moment that you two shared that will only make sense to the romantic recipient


Social media can be tricky, when it comes to balancing privacy and public displays of affection. However, if you have no reservations about displaying your love for the cyber world to see, this idea is up your alley. Stay with me. This idea requires you to be a little slick and a lot of covert planning. Set up a nice date that your Valentine knows nothing about and reveal it in a Valentine's day post.

Here's what I mean:

Tag your Valentine in your post and tell them about that outfit you mysteriously left hanging in their closet. Tell them its for dinner tonight (make sure you already made dinner plans), but before dinner, you have something else planned...and they'll have to check the top draw in the kitchen to find out what. Oh, and be ready in an hour. 

If you rather do this without an audience, that's fine, do it via text message. Keeping bae on his/her toes is always the way to go.

  • The more the merrier

I hope you've been paying attention to what your Valentine likes. You have, right? Good. Buy copious amounts of whatever it is. Buy enough to last the rest of the month. Buy enough that they'll laugh at how ridiculous and generous you are. If it's a specific candy, or popcorn, or bag of chips, or whatever, go to a wholesaler and rack up. Make it look presentable, of course, put it in a basket and add a bow, if you can. Two things are for sure: 1) The gesture will not go unnoticed. 2) You obviously listen when your Valentine speaks



Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images


Cuisine Classes are fun out-of-the norm activities that may propose a challenge but will ensure a memorable experience. Depending on your preference, a cooking class, cake decorating, or wine paring class may be the date night twist you've been searching for. If you like to paint, also consider doing a Paint & Sip class. 


Taking a date to a good show is always a cheat code. All you have to do is show up. Aside from attending a Broadway or Off-Broadway show, you can also try a Jazz clubs like Blue Note, or a sultry burlesque show at Duane Park. All of these will sure to add some spice to your date.


Flex your creative muscle and indulge in couple activity dates with your valentine. Here are a few ideas:





  • Dinner is always a go

You can never go wrong with a nice dinner. However, remember, pay attention to your Valentine's preferences. The last thing you want is to take them somewhere and they’re allergic to everything on the menu. Listen to his or hers needs and want and create the perfect Valentine’s Day for the one you love. Home cooking is always a great option as well.

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