#TheWorkingGirl The New Morning Routine You Need

Photo Credit: Instagram.con/nicolerichie

Photo Credit: Instagram.con/nicolerichie

Since starting this website, my career and going back to school, I had to find a way to create more hours in the day. Not only is it hard but I refused to allow myself to work on someone else dreams without contributing to my dreams. I met some new friends last year and one of them taught me the 5am rule. Every weekday morning, I wake up at 5am. I work on this website from 5-6am and do any remaining homework from 6am - 7am. After I get ready for work and get out the door by 8am. SIMPLE! After the workday (6pm.. sometimes 8pm), I go home and just relax. I do all of my lazy things and get to bed by 10pm. This not only helped with my progression into becoming a better adult but I also was able to really do things for myself. Check out the morning routine tips you should be doing:


Figuring Out Why

Before tapping into a morning routine, ask yourself why. What is the main purpose to perfect this. Do you want to perfect how you look? Do you want to stop rushing and actually “smell the roses” or do you want to start a new hobby. Once you establish this you can figure out your morning routine. If you want to do something simple like looking more fashionable in the morning or putting on makeup, we suggest getting up 30 mins earlier. If you are starting a business and need time to get things done, we 1-2 hours.


I am not the one that loves breakfast. For some odd reason, when I am home I do not want food but the minute I step into the office I need food. When I am broke this hungry goes away very fast. They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I do not believe this but I do believe if you do not eat at least something you will crash early in the day. When you wake up, try having a boiled egg or yogurt to start the day.

Start your day with positivity

I started to realize that your wake up is the president to creating your day. If you wake up in a fright you most likely be on edge the remainder of the day. If you can avoid this, do so! If you can avoid waking up in a more calm and positive light , do so. Try changing your alarm sound to something a bit more soothing like your favorite Jazz song or even some soothing bells.

How do you like to wake up in the morning?

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