The Working Girl: Life Tips You Should Know This Year

We work so hard that sometimes we forget about ourselves and the things we want and deserve. In 2019, this will stop! As we excel in our professional careers let’s not forget to focus on ourselves. Check out these tips to help you through the way:



Plan What You Want

Planning is the key to getting everything together. Plan your year! Not the mini things but plans the longterm goals that you want. If you want to move out, change your career, buy a car, PLAN IT. Not only will this keep you on your toes but it will also make you accountable.

Procrastination is the Devil

I am the queen of waiting to the last minute. What I am slowly learning is the more I wait the more I miss out on things. Sometimes it is hard to juggle my career, graduate school & this website but it is not impossible. Schedule the things you want into your life.


Whether it is getting your nails done or just laying down in silence reading a book, self care is very important. Here are some tips to continue !

You Are Not the Only One

As much as you are an individual, remember that competition is right around the corner. Always work to your full potential! Remember that someone is always