The Working Girl: 5 Goals You Should Have In 2019

The new year is not about becoming a new person but rather a better person. You see, you will always be you but strengthen yourself to be better than who you were in the past is the trick. Whether it is saving on coffee in the morning, getting a new job or waking up a bit more earlier to put in more effort.

Check out the goals that you should be following to stay on track

Self Worth

The way you talk about yourself is essentially the way people see you. For example, if you carry yourself as a strong hard worker, people see you as one. Let’s not get this confused, the way people see you should not affect how you see yourself BUT having another perspective does help. Sometimes those extras eyes do a lot. In 2019, turn on your best self by knowing your worth. Set up the Being Mary Jane notes on your mirror and remind yourself daily “ You Are A Boss”

Stop Complaining

I catch myself a lot complaining about things I have no control over. This year let’s stop this. We can not control other people’s actions so stop trying to. Instead, control the way you react.

Think like a Boss

I was going to name this one think like Beyonce, but there are other bosses in the world LOL. Thinking like a boss doesn’t mean you have to have your own business, thinking like a boss means you carry your self and worth to the highest standard. When you walk outside, shoulders back and head up high, you made it this far and only good is to follow

Speak into Existence

Sounds weird but this is so true. The more you say something the more you live it and the more you are it. Instead of wishing on something make something apart of your daily habit. For example, if you wanted to start a side business do not just talk about it, be about it. Get your LLC and start sourcing. Wake up before work to get it going. The more you do, the closer you become to your dreams.