#TheWorkingGirl Rich by 35 To Do

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

In college, I really had the mind-state that I would be rich by 25, seriously what was I thinking. The interesting thing is that it could be fairly easy if I didn't allow my procrastination & laziness to kick in, but that's another story. No bars held, I am pulling my plan back into motion and extended the goal. Being sucessful is the easy part but staying sucessful is the hardest part. Here are some tips to keep you going & keep you on track ladies:

Work Your Way to the Top

Many of the people in the biggest positions started from the bottom, the way bottom. Use your growth as a learning lesson that college can't teach you. Learn the habits of the people you look up too, learn the habits of the position & pay attention to detail. Remember you never know who is watching.

Don't Take No for An Answer

For every "no" you get, take it as a "not yet". Many people will not see the passion and drive right away but they soon will. Keep in mind that it is never to late to start something or do something and trust the process. Make yourself uncomfortable and always keep the end goal in mind. 

Don't Let Other Stop You

The worse thing you can do is allow others to stop you. Don't compare yourself to others and remember that people only promo the good things on Instagram. Stay far away from those who do not support you & make sure to always believe in yourself. 

Set Your Standards High, High like the Sky

Live the life you want already. I am not saying walk into LV and spend your last on your favorite bag BUT get up early in the morning, grab some coffee & work before the work. On the train meditate like the executives & when you get off, get to the money. Keep your head high & your pockets will soon match.