The Trends We Are Leaving in 2018

New Year, New Me, Same clothes? No . Thanks to my RTR subscription I am never keeping things too long. As we prepare for the new year, it's time to get rid of a few things. Working Girl, you will never wear everything you own. Give your closet some new space for new gems and get rid of this:

Wide Leg Jumpsuits

Kim Kardashian got rid of this, so should you. Opt for a skinny leg jumpsuit instead.

Cargo Pants

I don't even know why I owned these. Instead of the cargo style, try the mom for jeans. They are extremely flattering to many different body types and also make that booty look good.

The Granny Flats

The main purpose of flats are to give your feet some rest from the heels. Invest in a good pair that do that and are comfortable. Edgy ones like those pictured left are the best.

The Sock Boot

This is so last year. When Kim wore it, it was cool and when every single online boutique redid them, it was cool. Leave it in 2018 please.

Bedazzled Denim Jacket

The 90s returned in 2018, but let’s leave this here. PLEASE!

Photo Credit: Pinterest