The Working Girl's Guide to Style: Affordable Sites For Your New Look (UPDATED 2019)

It is 2019 ! You’ve either gotten a new job, are putting you two weeks in or graduating from school preparing for the real world. If you are any one of these Working girl, this one is for you. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe just a bit to become part of the big leagues.

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Sometimes we really forget about this gem! ASOS is the home of the suit separates and remember every Working Girl should have a suit separate in her closet.

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Similar to our favorite Zara, Mango is a Spanish fast fashion retailer. Why do we like them? For the obvious reasons of style, but for price! Get your tailored jackets and dress trousers here!

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We all love a good find. I mean let's face it, good fine put us in the right state of mind. Whatever, STYLE FOR LESS does just that, providing you affordable pieces to put together your looks. 


The simplistic style has found its easy its answer with Lou & Grey. Whether you are looking for causal Friday outfit or just a a simple causal look Lou & Grey is the website for you. 


Okay, need I say more honestly. Front Row Shop is the definition of Working Girl chic.


This is throwback for some but don't forget about this gem. All your WG must haves can be found here for incredible prices. Just remember to not spend it all up. Click Here

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This is the place for all your hot Working Girl weekend looks. If you looking to update your wardrobe while still being SIMP, this is sure the place. If you are visiting them in December, check out there sale section ! Click Here

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This fast fashion Japanese retailer and taking the world by storm literally. If you need to create a look this is the place. We especially love the turtleneck selection. A turtleneck is a Working Girl basic and always a must-have.

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For the US Working Girls, we were first introduced to this brand when Rihanna did the collaboration and since then we are still in love. The UK is the house for catching a deal when it comes to fast fashion. If you are looking for quality, style and durability, River Island is it!

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