When In: Norway


For any college student Spring Break is the vacation most looked forward to. It is typically spent either lying on a beach or heading down ski slopes. Rather than taking the traditional route, my boyfriend and I decided to head to Norway! We were able to visit some of his family in the country-side and then head up to Oslo to check out Norway’s capital city! I was armed with the ultimate tour guide, my iPhone X’s camera, and an overweight suitcase to explore the rugged coastline of this truly stunning place!

Son, Norway:

The first half of the trip was spent in Son, Norway visiting my boyfriends family! We got to take in the incredible countryside, while also getting a feel for the local traditions and delicacies. We went for walks along the coastline and walked through the town center of Son, as well as it’s pier! One day we went to the Old Town of Fredrikstad which is located inside of the old fort! The shops that they had there were charming; many were antique/vintage shops which were so much fun to poke around in.

Oslo, Norway:

The second half of our week in the land of Vikings was spent in Oslo! We stayed in central Oslo, so we were able to walk the entire city! (But if walking a city isn’t your thing there are plenty of bike and scooter rentals all over!) Oslo is unlike any city I have ever seen before. It is undergoing mass construction as the city expands, adding on to its iconic skyline. Oslo was named the Green City of 2019 and I can see why. Many cafes have gone paperless, their public transport is incredibly safe, new, and clean, and overall everything is being done to be as incredibly green as possible!

The food scene in Oslo is expansive and unique, with so many new twists on classic dishes and cuisines. Mathallen is a Chelsea Market-esque food hall where you just want to try everything! From stalls selling fresh sushi and a fishmongers to classic Norwegian cuisine, you will definitely leave here with a full stomach! Kontrast, a one Michelin star restaurant, takes traditional ingredients and transforms them into light delicacies, whose plating looks like a work of art. They offer a 6 item and a 10 item tasting menu along with wine pairings so make sure to go with an empty stomach!

Definitely check out the Royal Palace of Norway, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to watch the changing of the guard! Then head down towards the docks of Oslo to see the Akershus Fortress! This fort was used in World War 2 to stop the Germans from invading Oslo, and there is even a statue of FDR inside! If you continue walking along the Fjord you will come across the Nobel Peace Center which showcases the prize and the ideals that it represents! Also make sure to see the Opera House! Built on the Fjord this architectural marvel allows one to walk up the roof of the opera house all the way to top! From there you get a beautiful view of the city, as well as of the Fjord! There are tons of cool neighborhoods in this city so even just wandering around is a great way to see the city! Make sure to take advantage of the shopping opportunities that Oslo has! They have some fantastic shops filled with unique clothing items that would fit right in with your current closet!

Overall we had and amazing Spring Break and I got to check out a new country that I cant wait to return to! We flew Norwegian Air which I would highly recommend for flying into Norway! I wish all of you the best of luck on your next adventure!