How To Do Europe In 5 Days: Amsterdam

I’ve always loved to travel but since I’ve created a fund for saving for travel these trips have gotten so much better. This past December, my 3 girlfriends and I decided to take a European trip after Christmas. This trip was booked 3 months in advance and on travel and hotel, I spent $980.00 USD. WOAH ! I did spend about $500-$600 on food and activities on the trip, but overall my pockets was pretty good after visiting 3 countries in 5 days.

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NYC to Amsterdam

Departing from New York City on 12/16 @ 12am, I flew Norwegian Airlines to Amsterdam. This was my second time flying Norweigan and I really enjoyed the flight. The plane was brand new and the staff was extremely polite and welcoming. I do recommend these night time flights. I wanted to also mention that I snag this flight for $200 bucks. I got on the plane tired at 12am and got off the plan 12pm Amsterdam time…. BOMB. I slept the entire flight and woke up refreshed and ready to conquer the Amsterdam streets. I exited the plane and instead of an UBER I took one of the city cabs that just so happened to be a TESLA. WOAH, talk about luxury arrival.

Travel Note: UBERs are a great source of transportation in other countries but I could not read DUTCH and the signs that directed me to the UBER pick up were in Dutch.

My girlfriends and I stayed at the Volkshotel. I’ve never been to Amsterdam so I was extremely scared about where we would stay. After weeks of research, I came across this hotel that not only had cool accommodating rooms for three ladies but also free breakfast. Overall, I give this hotel 8 stars .

Traveler’s Note: hotels with free breakfast are extremely important when traveling. the less money you spend on food the more you can save and spend on fancier dinners. who doesn’t love a fancy dinner in another country !

here are some shots of the hotel & breakfast:

Arriving on the 12/26, we took the day to explore the neighborhood. We first has a mini dinner in the Amsterdam, De Pijp section. Really a cool place. I wish I remembered the name of the place we ate but for $60, we had a pitcher of Margarita, wings, fried rice, shrimp and french fries. Split, this was $20 per person…… I know I know. This was a bomb intro into the trip. Once finishing, we started our night going to the Ice Bar. One word, FREEZING! Great time and worth all the money but make sure to dress warm people! For $20 USD, we were able to drink in ice cube cups, pretty fun.

The Ice Bar is just a 10 minute walk from the Red Light District so we walked over. Walking along the canal is so much fun because you are walking along the canal! Makes you think of what Amsterdam looked like in the 1800s and how many dead bodies are at the bottom LOL. As you know, marijuana is legal in Amsterdam but it is very hard to find. The key word for it is “coffee shops”. The Red Light District is filled with a brunch of brothels, coffee shops and happy ending places. Sounds creepy but it was so much fun. We went to the Museum of Sex, really weird because prostitution is also legal in Amsterdam but very interesting. For $10 a ticket, we got to experience and laugh at the sexual experiences in Amsterdam.

Check out these photos.

Returning back to the hotel, we went to sleep and awaiting the next day. Side story, I love the story of Anne Frank. I’ve always been intrigued by her story telling abilities and I can even say that my journalist aspirations stemmed from Anne Frank. As you know Anne Frank went into hiding in Amsterdam and they turned her home into a museum. This museum is in high demand so getting tickets are HARD! I was not prepared for this. To purchase tickets you must get them months in advance, I repeat months. I tried to them 1 month in advance and it was sold out.

So here is Day 2 in Amsterdam..

We woke up the next day and had breakfast on the roof of our hotel. A basic breakfast is all we needed so we tapped into the meats, cheeses and tea. After, we continued our day. We taxed our way to the other side of the canal and went sightseeing. We arrived at the Anne Frank museum with no tickets and the workers told us, “no ticket no entrance”. However, we were told that they release last minute tickets the day of and in a few minutes they would do so. We found some wifi and waited on 6 different web browsers. Long story short, WE GOT THE TICKETS FOR 2 PM. This was the best news of my life. While we waited for 2 pm to come, we went to the Van Gogh Museum. There is also a tickets situation with the Van Gough museum so be prepared to purchase your tickets in advance aka buy them a few days before or you will regret it.

Then came the highlight of my entire life, The Anne Frank Museum. You are not aloud to take photos inside of the museum and because I have so much respect for her story, I followed directions. I really wanted to take this moment in and I felt it all. If you ever go to Amsterdam, make sure to visit the Anne Frank Museum! Here are the photos I did get.

After Anne Frank, we went for a light lunch at Restaurant Blue and Black. Food was pretty cool. We returned to the hotel for a mid-day nap to get energy to take over the night. The night began with bikes. This was another highlight. Traveling with girls who are all on the same page is extremely fun and when it came to bike riding, we were all down. We biked around Amsterdam and to dinner. We dinned at Pizzeria La Traviata. This was a little Italian spot that was super good and had the biggest glasses of wine.. we love wine lol. We prepared for the nightlife. I mean who doesn’t wanna party with a brunch of Europeans. The party in Amsterdam was okay, we’ve been to better but it was very interesting to hear that we all listened to the same songs.


We went back to the hotel and slept…. Barcelona was next!