You've Been Showering All Wrong (Here's How)


I know it seems pretty simple because you have been doing it your entire life just about. Showering is something you often look forward to everyday because it gives you time to yourself to get your thoughts together in preparation for a long day or a way to unwind after your long day. Either way, you would think you’d be a pro at it. Most people would not even think there is a ‘wrong’ way to do it. Sadly ladies, we have been making some big mistakes. Here are some mistakes you’re making and how you can fix them:

Your Water is Way Too Hot

I know ladies, you love a nice boiling hot shower after a long day, but you may want to rethink that. Hot showers tend to strip away all your bodies natural oils. It can cause you to have drier skin and cause irritation. You should be leaning towards luke-warm to warm water. .

Your Fragrant Soaps and Body Washes Are Too Harsh

We all love to smell good at all times. I have been introduced to so many body washes with all types of scents. From floral to fruity, they can be so enticing, especially when you want to smell good at all times. However, you should lean towards fragrant free soaps or scents that are light and natural. Fragrant soaps can mess with your pH balance and cause excess oils to your skin. If you are experiencing any type of irritation after your showers, it could be your soap. Try switching over to natural bar soaps instead. You’ll be doing your skin a huge favor

You Are Scrubbing Your Skin Too Hard

I love a good loofah or sponge when showering. You feel like the dead skin on your body is just coming off along with the dirt of the day. You may want to avoid scrubbing too hard and too often throughout the week. It can damage the skin down the line. Make sure you are exfoliating the skin (shaving is also considered exfoliating) 1-2 times per week. You will be saving yourself a world of trouble in the long run.

You Shouldn’t Be Washing Your Face At the Sink

A lot of people may be aware, but many aren’t. Washing your face in the shower is a no no. First off, the water temperature for your body and for your face needs to be completely different. Typically you wash your body with warmer water (not boiling hot, see above), which is great for your body. However, the warmer shower water is causing your pores to open up. Sometimes oils and dirt from your hair can get in your pores when you are washing your hair. So your face routine should be the LAST thing you do.