These Masks Work For You While You Sleep

Ladies, there is no better feeling than taking your makeup off at the end the night. To be honest, your nightly skin routine is probably more important than your day time routine. Throughout the day you sweat, your pores take in all the dirt and oil from your makeup, and then your skin is just ready to get cleaned up. Once in a while you may even do a face mask to really pamper your skin. However, sometimes you do not want to do a sheet mask, wait 15-20 minutes, take it off, and rinse our face. That is why sleeping masks are the holy grail of your nighttime routine. You just apply it to the skin, rub it in, and let it do it’s job.

Here are 4 Sleeping Masks you should try:

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Price: $25.00

How it works: This cream based mask gives your skin extra hydration while you sleep. It quickly absorbs into the skin so you can go to bed right after applying. This product helps feel in lines as well as gives you the added glow upon waking up. The Water Sleeping Mask is among top rated sleeping masks at Sephora and for that price you definitely cannot beat that.

Caudalie Vine[activ] Overnight Detox Oil


Price: $50.00

How it works: This detox oil provides your skin with the needed moisture after a long day. This product is great because you use it before you moisturize at night. Though this is not technically a mask, it aids the skin while you are sleeping. It clears skin of pollutants that attack the skin while you sleep. You can pick this up at Sephora

Shiseido Ibuki Sleeping Mask


Price: $40.00

How it works: What Shiseido has deemed as a “full night’s sleep in a jar” is one of the best selling sleeping masks on the market. It’s non-greasy formula as well as its gel formula is great for the skin. You will wake up with more dewy and youthful sleep. It also improves skins overall appearance after the first use.

Lancome Énergie de Vie The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask


Price: $66.00

How it works: This sleeping mask locks in water while you sleep which is always a plus. It uses goji berry as well as lemon palm to rehabilitate the skin after a long day. Upon waking u you will notice having more supple skin with a youthful glow.