The Beauty Subscriptions You Need As a Working Girl

Can you imagine having brand new beauty products delivered to you every month? Beauty subscriptions have been a buzz for a while now. The convenience of not having to go out and find new products to try is incredible. The most amazing part is most beauty subscriptions survey you before even making a decision. They ask you about your skin type, what type of looks you typically go for, what type of products you are interested, even things you’re interested in trying.

Here’s a list of beauty subscriptions you should definitely consider trying:

1. Birchbox

Cost: $10 per month, includes free shipping

What you get: 5 trial size beauty products tailored to your beauty profile that you fill in before ordering your first box. After your first box, you can choose 1 product that will definitely be in your box. They also have a men’s subscription

2. Ipsy


Cost: $10, also includes free shipping!

What you get: This, just like Birchbox, offers 5 trial products based on your preferences. This one is among one of the top rated. After reading several reviews, the products provided by Ipsy are more high end and fit their preferences more. You also get a cute new bag every month!

3. Love Goodly

Cost: 29.99 per month

What you get: 5+ full size vegan products. Love Goodly focuses on strictly promoting vegan beauty and skincare products. This is perfect for the healthy working girl.

4. Scentbird

Cost: $14.99 per month

What you get: The best part about Scent bird is that you can choose the product you get for the month. You receive a month supply of a scent of your choice. They have 400+ options to choose from.