Take Care of Your Mental: Tips to Practice Proper Mental Self Care

When people think of self care, they usually think of face masks, bath bombs, and taking care of your physical beauty. While that may be important, we often skip over one the most important aspects of our “self care routine”, OUR MENTAL HEALTH.

Yes ladies, taking care of your mental health qualifies as self care. Some people do not realize that things we do on the daily can negatively affect our mental health. Whether you’re the working girl doing what it takes to get that promotion or the college girl striving for the Dean’s List this semester, you need to make time for your mind to breathe.

Here are some tips for practicing mental self-care:

Find a new hobby outside of work/ school.

You know when people say “get a hobby”, well honey DO IT. Learning a new craft outside of work and school can provide you with some down time away from all the stress. Pinterest and Youtube are the best sources for new hobbies. My hobby of choice was crochet. Random, but so much fun.

Give yourself a Silent Hour

My Silent Hour was a time when I would shut off my phone, email, television, and all other things I considered “noise” just to give my mind a break. Being in a social media crazed generation, all of that noise can really be so negative on the brain. Put the phone down and the laptop away. Sit in silence for one hour everyday. Read a book, write in a journal, just make sure technology is turned OFF.

Talk to Your Friends

This one sounds pretty self-explanatory right? You’d be pretty surprised at how this is not as simple as it sounds. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in school and work that we do not get to really unload our thoughts. Have some friend time to talk about everything you guys are going through. Solid friend time to talk about success, failures, and everything in between really releases a lot off your mind.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including YOU.” - Anne Lamott