Restoring Mental Clarity

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Too many things being added to the ‘to-do’ list and not enough of the tasks being completed. Too many people pulling at you in so many different directions and not knowing which turn to take. Too many daily decisions to make and not knowing which choice is best for you. Too many thoughts accumulating and not understanding what can be done to help clear your mind.

I GET IT! I would be lying if I said my days were all peaches and cream. Worrying about all the things that life throws at you can be mentally exhausting and daunting. But not fret, I have included some tips here to help restore your mental clarity.

3 Ways To Restore Mental Clarity:

1. Meditate

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I can’t stress this enough! Meditation allows you to settle into your body, mind, and spirit. Spending time in meditation helps your mind focus and helps remove any blocks that you may be feeling, in return, clearing the fog. There are many ways that you can meditate. Some ways include sipping a cup of tea on your porch, taking a walk surrounded by nature, or can even be dancing in your underwear like no one’s watching! The practice of meditation can be your own, as long as you bring focus onto your breath and the feel of your body. Try meditation for just 5 minutes a day! Yes, you will still feel benefits and also, you’ll be really surprised on how long 5 minutes can really be.

2. Solitude

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Sometimes spending time alone can be rough. Spending time with yourself can sometimes make you feel lonely, but why? Solitude brings a closer connection and a newfound love to yourself. Some things that you can do when you are practicing solitude is journaling and really asking yourself the ‘life’ questions. Some examples of life questions can be: What do I like? How do I react when situations that are beyond me happen? What are my plans for the year, the month, this week or even today? How is my breathing? Asking yourself these questions can help you bring clarity to yourself or even specific aspects in your life.

3. Stay Hydrated

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Your cells get hungry too! When you are not adequately hydrated, your cells have a hard time functioning properly. The waste that accumulates in your body cannot effectively get flushed out of your body. When these wastes build up, it becomes a part of the reason that you may begin to experience brain fog. To avoid brain fog, drink plenty of water throughout the day and daily to keep the mental clarity intact.