Coping With Social Anxiety

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Social anxiety has become far more common than we can grasp. The shaky hands, the sweat coming down your forehead, the unsteady feelings on your vocal cords when trying to speak to a large group of people, the feels of the heart skipping a beat and/or sinking, and of course the anxious feeling towards it all, to top it off. Social anxiety is the fear of being judged or watched by others. It’s the overwhelming fear of social situations. If not dealt with, social anxiety can take over your life. Luckily I have provided some ways to cope with social anxiety. Here are 3 ways to cope with social anxiety.

1. Spend Time With Mother Nature

Whether its walking barefoot in the grass, giving a tree a nice big hug, or going on a hiking trail, connecting with nature helps provide a sense of grounding within your well being. For at least 15-30 minutes a day, try to find ways to connect with nature around your area. When you are guided into the connection within yourself, you are able to better to cope with the anxieties that surround you and your life.

2. Visit A Nearby Coffee Shop

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Get out there! Going to a coffee shop places yourself in an area that you are surrounded by people, but also gives you the opportunity to have your space to be alone. Getting into the habit of placing yourself in space with people, or placing yourself out of your comfort zone for that matter, assists you into coping with social anxiety and also helps to build comfort within yourself. Be willing to experience discomfort!

3. Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle


I’m sure it may sound like a broken record at this point, but it's the root of building a healthy relationship with yourself. Exercise and eat well! Choosing things that benefit your body and your mind helps to build a great amount of self confidence and self-esteem. When you feel good, who cares what others think!

* If any of these tips do not seem like they are working for you, please have a chat with a therapist. Therapy can provide you a relationship with someone to provide you the best treatment that you could ask for.