Keeping Your Vagina Happy + Healthy

Nothing’s worse than having an angry vagina, so find out how to keep a healthy vagina with these 4 tips!

1. Keeping Her Clean

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Your vagina is a very delicate area that sincerely appreciates love. Taking care of her is vital to vaginal health, especially when it comes to cleansing. Some ways to keeping her clean are to remember to wipe from front to back. Wiping in the opposite direction can introduce bacteria into the vagina and can potentially cause an infection to brew. Another way in cleansing her is to use unscented soaps. Scented soaps have properties that can disrupt your normal pH balance and can cause yeast infections, and other infections, to occur.

2. Avoid Tight Clothing

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Wearing tight clothing, around your vaginal area, can cause microscopic tears onto the skin. These microscopic tears develop from the friction caused by the tight clothing that is worn. Also, tight clothing causes moisture to trap in the area. The combination of irritated, open skin and moisture can cause infections to occur. Wearing cotton underwear, instead of silk underwear, can help decrease moisture in your vaginal area. Wearing loose clothing around your vaginal area can also decrease the risk of yeast infection.

3. Probiotics

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Lots of factors can disrupt the normal pH in your vagina. These factors include yeast, semen, menstruation, vaginal washes and wipes, sex, and certain medications. These factors can raise the pH levels which create an environment in your vagina where yeast and bacteria flourish, making it susceptible to infection. Probiotics are supplements that contain active bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial to vaginal health. These organisms help to balance the pH in your vagina to help keep her clean and healthy.

4. Stick With Your Check Ups!

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Don’t miss out on your Gynecologist! Keeping up with regular check up and routine visits are important and vital to proper vaginal health. It’s never a problem to ask your doctor for yearly routine visits. And while your there, have a chat with your doctor about fertility, STI checks and birth control.