Mantras Of Self-Worth

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Self-worth is the basis of our values, our thoughts, our practice, our demeanor, and our actions. Self-worth is our inner “Am I Good Enough!?” and I am here to tell you that YOU ARE!

Mantras are voice spoken affirmations that have the intention of bringing yourself to you through self-compassion, self-love, and self- kindness. Mantras can be said at any time of the day, any situation that you may be in, or in any moment that may be presented to you.

I am in agreement of times where we could feel that our actions don’t present enough, our words don’t speak enough, and our thoughts don’t manifest enough. We actually tend to bring these doubts into our lives unconsciously. When these unconscious doubts are constantly being stirred, they begin to manifest and create who we are.

Some suggestions may be speaking your mantras in the morning when you wake up, when your meditating, when getting dressed, or even before going to sleep! You can choose one mantra for the day, or you can choose one mantra for the week.

Need a little help with what to say for your mantras? You’re in luck! I have provided some words here for you to remind yourself that you are worthy, beautiful, and loved.

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Let’s say them together:

“I am worthy of life’s love and compassion.”

“I am a beautifully created Queen.”

“I am enough for myself.”

“I already have everything I need within me.”

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Say it over and over again.

Say it until you feel that these words are true to you.

Say it even when it doesn’t feel true.

Say it until your heart feels it.

Say it until it is manifested.