Self-Care: The Holiday Edition

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

There are many reasons why the holiday season is bittersweet. While you may be excited to take time off of work, see family/friends you haven't seen in a while, or find the perfect gift for those you love; it can be daunting. The darker side is that reconnecting with family could be a source of angst, or the holiday season can be a reminder of all the loved ones lost. Some people may be unemployed or suffering from seasonal depression, making it tough to get in the holiday spirit.

Self-Care by socializing

Spending time with your friends or family you love can be just what you need to give you some holiday cheer. Try hosting a Netflix and chill night with ALL of your loved ones. Maybe even a game night? An ugly sweater party or a pajama party (Reference TLC’s creep for inspo).

Self-Care by buying yourself something you really want

There are countless times we sacrifice things we really want especially if we're on a strict budget. The holiday season provides us great deals on not just gifts for others, but gifts for ourselves! Take advantage of that! If you are spending Christmas solo use this as a chance to spoil yourself! 

Self-Care by trying something new on an unusual day of the week

Try a boxing class on a Tuesday or go to yoga on a Friday night. Sign up for a craft class or take a day trip to a place you haven't been in awhile. New experiences recharge us making us feel like we are really LIVING and are not just ALIVE. 

Self-Care by paying it forward

Become a volunteer at the hospital, organize a toy drive in your building or community for families in the shelter system. Volunteering will remind you of how awesome you are and how impactful your presence can be. Sometimes we need to remember that we have the ability at any time to have a deliberate and positive impact on people in our communities.

Self-Care by adding some luxe to your daily routine

If you are making dinner? Splurge on buying your steak from a local butcher instead of the supermarket. Making mac and cheese? Pick your cheeses by sampling your favorites at a Cheese shop. Taking a bath? Add rose buds! Want to go the gym? Sign up for a free week at a luxury gym. Tired of winter? Book a sauna session. A little bit of luxe goes a long way! 

Self-care is a deliberate practice to help remove the build up of stress on daily life. While you don't need an excuse to self-care, the holidays being a time of increased stress is a GREAT reason to roll out the self-care red carpet, just for you.