When Do You Know You Are Enough?

As a therapist, the undying question at the core of most, if not all, people's self-esteem is, “Am I Enough?”

Enough, defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is “occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations.” Parents wonder if they’re doing enough to raise a well-rounded human; students question if they’re exceling enough to pass a class; professionals ask themselves if they’re good enough for their position. All the while, EVERYONE asks, “am I good enough to have the life I deserve?”

The answer?


I could have come up with 7 ways that helps you explore if you’re enough. I could have, but that’s another problem within itself. We live in a world full of expectations and we subconsciously link our ability to meet those expectations to our self-worth. When we don't meet those expectations, we assume.

We assume that we aren’t good enough and thus unworthy of what we desire. We live under this pretense that there are things in life that give us our worthiness, and this, my friend, is a false pretense. You are worthy. You are enough. Just because, and not because of anything else. You have overcome a host of unpredictable and downright unfortunate circumstances that could have crushed you. You are worthy. You are enough. You have talents, skills, dreams, kindness, and a huge heart for humanity. You are worthy. You are enough.

Do you get it? You are enough simply because you are HERE. If you live under the belief that you are unworthy, then guess what? You aren’t giving yourself the chance to be all that you are. Stop that.

I’m not saying that you will get everything you ask for out of life; nor am I saying that you are finished with  unpredictable/unfortunate circumstances. I am saying that believing you deserve what you truly desire is how you begin the journey of acknowledging just how worthy you are. Just learn. Just do. Just be.

Remember that neither achievements nor failures can determine whether or not you are enough. Your self-worth must be rooted in the premise that you are enough because you exist.

So say this with me...

(With your hand on your heart)

I am enough because I am here.

(Say it Again)

(And Again)

(And Again)

(And Again)

Until your heart is happy with you and you are happy with your heart.

You are enough.